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TLOS3 Signing - GLEE LIVE - Who Won?

  • So excited to meet Chris Colfer and finally get my question answered. Don't think anyone has ever asked because he had to think to figure out the answer.

  • Me:

    So I've always wanted to ask. At Glee Live, who won between you and Darren?

  • Chris:


  • Me:

    You were trying to see who would crack first.

  • Chris:

    <Laugh> Darren won but only because he broke the rules. We set up rules. No physical contact. So technically I won.

  • Me:

    Thanks. I've always wanted to know.

  • I got a laugh and a chuckle out of Chris. I'm swooning.

  • Burlington, MA book signing 7/10/2014

  • And I got interviewed by the Boston Globe reporter afterwards.


Anónimo preguntó:

I feel that pic of D is kind of disrespectful to C. Am I being too sensitive?


It’s not disrespectful - Darren was probably drunk and having fun with his friends.  How many countless photos of Darren do we have from his college days that look much worse than that?  Underwear and ass hanging out ring a bell?

When Darren is free of his handlers, he is able to be his real self.  I’m sure Chris is well aware of who he is, and love him all the more for it.

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