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I'm so fed up with these miarrenitis!! First they talk shit like "They're dating pre-glee" bla bla bla They said it like 8985522452 times. Suddenly after the interview, they say it's only three years? Ffs miarrens what now? Dating since 2011 or 1882? It clearly shows their insecurity.


For years they’ve been Mia and Darren are together for years and now today all of a sudden they’re not together pre glee? Lmao no sorry. Darren just killed your ship.

Love U Darren :)

I mean I’ve always been a music junkie, and there’s a difference between listening to the radio a lot and like following what their charts positions are and who the labels are, who the reps are. I was the kid that read the liner notes, who read the producers, who knew the, not knew personally but who always kept a pretty watchful eye on who is writing the big pop hits, cause as a kid that’s really what I wanted to do, wanted to be, writing in pop music or producing pop music. So it’s just a big hobby that I love, it’s just how some people know every actor in every movie and every director, and that’s kind how I feel about music and um, I don’t know, it’s just, it’s a hobby, again for better or for worse.
Darren Criss after being called a pop music junkie [Pop Shop Podcast] (via twentyoneklaine)
So I’m a big Taylor fan, like everybody else I suppose, and I heard the snippet that they played on Good Morning America. […] It was just a small tidbit and I texted Jack [Antonoff] — Just to make it very clear we’re not like best friends or anything. […] He’s always been nice to me and we exchanged information. […] So when I heard this one song I was like “Oh man, this is cool. It sounds like —” forgetting that Jack had worked on it, I was like “Oh man, this sounds like a cool Bleachers cover done by Taylor Swift.” I texted him and I looked it up, and it turned out that he had actually co-written and produced the song with her, so I was like “Hey man, this sounds great. I’m glad to hear it.”
Darren Criss on Taylor Swift’s "Out of the Woods" (x)

(Fuente: darrencriss-news)

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